Sunday, February 6, 2011


this blogs aim's to have a name "Paok Cebu"
upon searching it on web, Google. heheh way lingaw!
I became Paok during my Bosco days, a guy (Enrique)
shouted on me "Paok ka!" Later found out, means crazy!
And was the Paok then since the year 1991.

on Local buzz:
Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force:
Twice it happens also, a real PAOC dude of Lacson
confronted, asked me of what Division am i belong?
told them - Nope, my name is Paok and not the
ex-Military's (PAOCTF). wahhh! ngiga!

on Web:
The name PAOK is enormous not to
the clubs Melbourne, Canada and NY,
Fiji, Sweden - its everywhere!

Greek keeps adding me on Skype and Multiply,
they thought I'm one of them. But answered several
times "My name is Paok, it happens to be your Team"
and "please talk English not Greek!" hahah

but the highlight! of these name-thingy
is I loved the shirt from Zazzle.
gonna order this online soon

its like my own team and brand! wohohh!

hahah, i have Sports Arena, i have cheerleaders,
wallpapers and more! but the shirt! funny!

Lastly, my name is
Kristofferson "Paok" Paunil
Mr. Paok of Cebu, Philippines

now, PAOK CEBU is on the web!


PALOT said...

PAOK THE GREEK! hahahaha!

kristofferson paunil said...

congrats lotssss!!!!