Sunday, May 30, 2010

back to PI

May 5- May 25
was exit back to PI (Philippine Island)
as back to origin penalty of over-staying tourist. heheh!
but now im back to kick-ass (a stupid movie)! now here in KW.
a 20 days vacation, not bad, it was a blast! pork pork!!! with
pamilya friends kaon inom tagay lechon liempo crispy-pata
bars jutsss yeah all round of beers! i missed it ...

i did to myself
cravings lechon baboys! crispy pata, liempo, tambok sa baboy
-these, were not available in Arab country! heheh

i shoved my head! its been awhile with a long hairdo!
at BenchFix, twas called Jaycuencs style! heheh

added Hellboy at my left arm! hehe dont say!
i know its cool! heheh

welcoming a new cartoon character -- stitch!!
i missed
of course my fam!

the bad influences hahah
videoki, bars, beers, sex and drugs! name it! hahah

but still happy - its like im on my REHAB! hhaha