Wednesday, November 25, 2009

paok pattern contest

pattern = thoughts
my own contest


not bad for a crowd!

chai aka mary peril

bill of Uno

ara of Hastang

with Wenawen - amazing host


judges Genesis RaƱa and Meg Eteve

grand winner Mike for Pills pattern- 15k + Sony ericson phone


rctv interview

free tattoo sessions - thanks to Jordan, jeofry and ian

ubec crew - thanks to sam and flaime

sarah smith

the great puldo

RCTV, Metro Grafix, PODD, artCebu, TriJ, bliss,
Indiesign, PI shirts, Sun Celullar, Killerbee, Crols Tattoo,
Electrolux, M Lhuiller, The Foundry and Handuraw -
all the artist who joined, judges, people
who helped me out and to David
PAOK contest will be yearly so hopefully beware!


posters i made for best Bars in CEBU
FORMO and VUDU link

im thankful to jaja, april, inah, bing, tessa and meg
and to whole bunch of vudu stuffs for being that cool!

Friday, November 20, 2009


If Filipino creativity could be collected, captured and canned
we would do it so the rest of the world could have access to some
of the most ingenious works by Filipino artists in the creatives scene.
proud BISAYA! purely cebuano!!! thanks Val

Zee Lifestyle Magazine
as caption at magazine: ten of Cebu's promising
graphic designers are clockwise from the top left:
Niel Quisaba, Glen Lomon, Jethro Estimo, Tambolbee Villarino,
Higinio Michilina, Lucille Umali, Govinda Trazo, Leo Guevarra,
Chad Manzo and Kristofferson Paunil --- me!! lol

Global Newsletter
tubodfest artists and pop3 exhibit were written.
podd | playtech - best firm Ive been, molded me up to what i am now

Bite Magazine
october 2008
the Toyota Artedge Finalist

BLISS Magazine
thanks meg for the pubcast!

thanks you all for believing ....

crash into me

the unforgettable one! of course, I am disable now!
broken knee and broken memories

a lesson learned! no drink + drive motto!!!
taken lots of margaretta, mojito, beer + pots
and wanting in more to another Bar at 3am dawn?
equals!! ended up hospitalized! heheh great!!

archive: June 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Helvetica Film Showing

I'm thanking Albert and Amanda
for giving me the role of co-organizing this lil project
for the art community. Together with me is Papo
and his member, Icenter peps as well. It was fun

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about
typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It
looks at the proliferation of one typeface as part of a larger
conversation about the way type affects our lives.
bad! no pictures taken during the program.

thus, will applaud other cebu event such as Pop3 by Niel Q.

during the event!

April 7, 2009 - The Outpost

creative cebu

TubodFest 2009
The Best of Cebuano Art, Design and Culture.

as Team-Lead for PRINT sector

Ten creative sectors have been identified, each of which will
have a space that will exhibit the best of their particular discipline.
Visual Arts | Furniture | Fashion | Architecture | Print |
Interactive | Music | Performing Arts | Motion Picture | Culinary

the whole area! PRINT Sector is whole left ...

inside the Print Sector - collab poetry and shots

inclined doodle wall with skim board and decks! ow crowded!

with Daphne of Urban Zone

with giant hellboy and chef of ratattolle movie

yeah go CEBU!! this must be ...

with some collab teamates! gerard, amuer, palot and jude

with award winners - kdlig, amuer, palot and niel

yummm models!

collaboration from Cebu's best photographers

teammates artistas!

chad jed and bulate on action!

as well as spykee on doodle wall

and chad manzo tooo! heheh!!! go climb dude

look at my area! full of crowd and paparazzi heheh

at left... me with gwen and nickoreal. hahah!

with Butch C., city governor Gwen and organizers

thanks guyss!

Archived: TubodFest 2009 - March 7 to 13 - Ayala Center