Sunday, January 30, 2011

other phones

other brand of phones i made for its launching

HTC is the original design manufacturer for many
Android and Windows Phone-based, phones and PDA.
and also manufacturer of Nexus One by Google.

Nokia N8 is Symbian smartphone part of N series.
Carl zeiss, xenon flash, 12 MP, 3.5 display and TOUCH!

Monday, January 24, 2011

vaio laptops

my previous Sony Vaio ads

the story ad - the hip, bizness, funkygal

loved the pink Vaio with a hardbound
texture! available only at Middle East

Yalla Foga means come on! Lets go!!

ad for facebook

the x-cite Alghanim promos

one of my task is the product launching,
mostly it covers on new prices,
products and promo|sales

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visual Design Conference 2011

VISUAL on its 2nd time!
I witnessed this last 2009, - cant make it this year.
kudos to you Mayol, for pushing to make it happen, FINALLY!
Im so damn proud of the speakers, those hang-outs we've made,
their wow talents and the efforts behind this. goodluck!

Visual is the biggest digital design conference in the South
made specifically by the designers for the designers.
The conference will feature top local designers/artists
who will cover various graphic design disciplines.
These home grown talents will share their experiences
working for their international clientele and present their
world class works and design processes.

Creativity, experience and knowledge. Visual brings
you 7 of the top local graphic designers of Cebu.

2009 Visual Conference

* to inspire and uplift the confidence of students
who want to pursue a graphic design career
* to highlight the growing demand for a
graphic design course focused in schools
* to elevate reliability and credibility of the
profession as profitable craft
* to endorse local talents
* to improve the status of Philippines as
potential venue fro graphic design education

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Karma Chameleon

finally touching the Camels!!
forgot the name of the place though,
but its far, almost the boundary.
like it was own by bandits! hahah!

so, baby camels were born whites!

i kept on singing Karma Chameleon by
Boy George heheh on this day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Santo Niño de Cebu

today is Sinulog day 2012! fiesta señor ( a repost)

Ang panata nako ni Nino kay kada tuig,
og pila akong edad karon, mao pud na ang
edad nga nag halokan ko niya kada Sinulog.
wanay laing adlaw kundi inig pesta jud ni Nino
so 32 years nako as deboto niya, then wala pako
naka miss og single year without doing it.
karon nalng 2011 ang una nga dili ko
maka halok, tungod kay OFW naman ta.

So, mumata mig kadlawn like 4am, mo sugod
nag linya para makagawas mi before paniudto.
bawn itlog, sandwiches og tubig, pugong sa lipong!
Mostly, makagawas mig 10+ morning gikan
4am na linya, so mga 7 hrs jud birada.
So, after sa halok, first stopover mig plaze independencia,
para maniudto nya magpalipong kay we need to walk
gikan plaza independencia to Fuente Osmena.

Mahuwasan nami inig abot sa Fuente, tungod sa kahuot
og ka crowded sa dalan Jones, og sa kalayo! then palit
napud og cans redhorse, maglipong napud
kay lakawon napud from Fuente(Mango) to Ayala.

Maayo man tong sauna, kay dunay concert sa Ayala
but karon wala na. Still, mag washing mi somewhere in
Ayala ground, and thats it, mao na akong tinguha
every Feast day Nyor Nino, medyo kapoy sya but its worthy
hahay, i will miss my panata this Sunday.
viva pit senyor! pit senyor kang paok kini!!!!

the line we always took towards the Nino

inside sto. nino church! the finale, the kissing of Nino.
pics taken since 08-2010, kay wapa mauso ang
facebook and digicam last 2007 and below.. heheh

walking the crowded street from Plaza Indepedencia
to Fuente then to Ayala.

some street performers


edited: taken Sinulog 2011

Jed got a new proxy lifters!
the uncles!


no sinulog for 2012!! pass

Thursday, January 6, 2011


another iphone4 stuffs i made.
its processes, requests till it printed
i dunno if i can call this an offer,
thus to convert this into Peso
1 KD = 156 PESOS
270KD = P42,120K

the final ad published in the papers!
with a year warranty now

wow! amazing price, expensive!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

its 2011

2011 is Year of the Rabbit

my old stuff - Jessica Rabbit

many predictions on Chinese Astrology
yep hoping this year will a better one.