Friday, October 29, 2010

vudu at 9th

recently, i made the VUDU's
9th annual halloween costume ball
the time you wont come as yourself!
you can be anyone! its the most awaited
event for Vudu. its like a social cosplay! lol

my first proposal but failed .. heheh

and this was the final poster
some blogs too
my mini name on jack's bush area

best costume can bring you a roundtrip to Singapore
overnight stay on Waterfront or Shangri-la
Banca cruises and Footwear packages! cool

some pics of last years costume ball
and my name is Tony Stark
grabeh ka hubog! how i managed home!?
haha! 2 smirnoff bottle down!


yeah but speaking of VUDU and FORMO
some of the past posters i made.

yeah it has been a joy ride with you guys.
my salute to jaja, april, inah, bing and meyen!
and the indoor staffs for being cool. yay!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PAOK the group

"a kind of PAOK history"

when the name "PAOK" granted on me during my
high school days in Don Bosco-Cebu, literally means "crazy",
i've searched PAOK in the net - found PAOK as a Club for Greeks
and Melbourne Club in Australia, but locally, only 2 paok's:
the PAOC-TF which founded by Lacson, 2nd was
Jerome 'paok' Reyes my friend, but beyond that
theres no more paok but until last month.

I never thought theres a PAOK name for a group!
whaaaaaaaat!!! in my homeland, CEBU! found them at
Facebook, a group under Church movement for sure.
founded in 2005 - and whats funny is they called
others by PAOKIANS! wow! thats cool for my side! hehe
its like its my group, sounds like! hahah so
i went to there fanpage then pressed "Like".
funny lang! heheh

hahha! with tanduay 65 pajud!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


we launched our facebook online contest

Be creative by using only the "E" icon of the Electrozan logo

and use your imagination to FUNK IT UP!!

The top 10 designs will win an iPod Shuffle

and will be posted on our Facebook page.

These 10 designs will be posted for our Fans

to vote for the #1 winner that will receive

the Grand Prize of an iPhone4 16GB.

vote will be based on

the number of “Like” the design has.

Monday, October 18, 2010

simple birthday paok

it was my simplest birthday ever
compared it in what i had in Cebu.
(strippers, redhorse, lechon, videoki and +++ )
here, i prepared only a 21 pcs bucket of KFC,
fish in foil (relleno) and carbonara Spag!
not much of alcoholic beers and pica!

with my gym buddies at Marina Beach
L-R: igat na paok, randy, victor, tirso and francis

we dine outside, bring our laptops, watched Airbender
with speakers on it. Made footprints in the sand.
so simple but i love the way you lie! aww! it was!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

breast cancer

Breast Cancer awareness month.

The Fight Against
Breast Cancer

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chevy Charger

a wrap-up auto sticker design for a
Chevrolet Charger 2010 - a Japanese concept
i was commissioned to do this here ...

a dragon request

all four sides mock-up