Tuesday, September 28, 2010


a good friend of mine chatted on my fb wall -
"paok can i have a favor for my school project"
said who are you, he said im Nicko Real! hahah!
thus sent me pics and i made this in 30 minutes!
with old sources, yah nothings new, loser still.
not really a furnished one! sensya na! quicky

John Dinopol, lead guitarist of URBANDUB,
countries best rock band. Cebu's pride!


BUT speaking of URBANDUB,
last year, i was contacted by their manager,
Mr. Phatboy Lim thru Kaloy Uypuanco to make
a cover for their label named DUBISTA,
a separate group for fans in a way! yeah
i was commissioned to do this! heheh

raw file

in white!

in black

Gabby, Janjan, John, Lalay
mga idol!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

letters to Jed

happy birthday to you!
today is your 8th birthday! you're gettin older now.
yeaah daddy is far, miles away, but i promise to be
alive just to see how you and I in this story ends!
you played 500-peso games worth in Timezone!
thats cool! so think, i am away because i love you.
so you behave and listen, be brave little one.
happy birthday to you!
taken at obong spring! half of your age as today, i guess!
lingaw kos reaction! mabaw ang tubig but with goggles!

taken this year! medyo ni chubby na! heheh

skype you later!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sony for FIFA

went to Avenues Mall last weekend.
i saw my FIFA Ad at SONY, still standing!
a foam board lifesize! and begun to think
"ohww this is my work and must be proud! heheh"
printed nationwide for FIFA 2010 World Cup

player KAKA on it,
Brazilian midfielder.

back of Sony Magazines

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

birthday duo

month of september
is kinda a "happy month" for me coz
my kido and wifey will celebrate their
birthdays together! but fail, I'm this far! heh

captured from skype videocall
superman or kick-ass? sept.23

pirated tsinita! sept.19
and so i will sing ..
happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you!
happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!
a month bunch of birthday greetings! mayng pasko!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i missed the paok

iF you'Re all AloNe OFF for 5 DayS and Bored
nOt yOur couNtry and yOu're noBody
thEn what woUld you Do?
i mIssed CeBU
i miSsed