Tuesday, September 28, 2010


a good friend of mine chatted on my fb wall -
"paok can i have a favor for my school project"
said who are you, he said im Nicko Real! hahah!
thus sent me pics and i made this in 30 minutes!
with old sources, yah nothings new, loser still.
not really a furnished one! sensya na! quicky

John Dinopol, lead guitarist of URBANDUB,
countries best rock band. Cebu's pride!


BUT speaking of URBANDUB,
last year, i was contacted by their manager,
Mr. Phatboy Lim thru Kaloy Uypuanco to make
a cover for their label named DUBISTA,
a separate group for fans in a way! yeah
i was commissioned to do this! heheh

raw file

in white!

in black

Gabby, Janjan, John, Lalay
mga idol!

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