Wednesday, November 25, 2009

paok pattern contest

pattern = thoughts
my own contest


not bad for a crowd!

chai aka mary peril

bill of Uno

ara of Hastang

with Wenawen - amazing host


judges Genesis RaƱa and Meg Eteve

grand winner Mike for Pills pattern- 15k + Sony ericson phone


rctv interview

free tattoo sessions - thanks to Jordan, jeofry and ian

ubec crew - thanks to sam and flaime

sarah smith

the great puldo

RCTV, Metro Grafix, PODD, artCebu, TriJ, bliss,
Indiesign, PI shirts, Sun Celullar, Killerbee, Crols Tattoo,
Electrolux, M Lhuiller, The Foundry and Handuraw -
all the artist who joined, judges, people
who helped me out and to David
PAOK contest will be yearly so hopefully beware!

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