Wednesday, November 4, 2009

creative cebu

TubodFest 2009
The Best of Cebuano Art, Design and Culture.

as Team-Lead for PRINT sector

Ten creative sectors have been identified, each of which will
have a space that will exhibit the best of their particular discipline.
Visual Arts | Furniture | Fashion | Architecture | Print |
Interactive | Music | Performing Arts | Motion Picture | Culinary

the whole area! PRINT Sector is whole left ...

inside the Print Sector - collab poetry and shots

inclined doodle wall with skim board and decks! ow crowded!

with Daphne of Urban Zone

with giant hellboy and chef of ratattolle movie

yeah go CEBU!! this must be ...

with some collab teamates! gerard, amuer, palot and jude

with award winners - kdlig, amuer, palot and niel

yummm models!

collaboration from Cebu's best photographers

teammates artistas!

chad jed and bulate on action!

as well as spykee on doodle wall

and chad manzo tooo! heheh!!! go climb dude

look at my area! full of crowd and paparazzi heheh

at left... me with gwen and nickoreal. hahah!

with Butch C., city governor Gwen and organizers

thanks guyss!

Archived: TubodFest 2009 - March 7 to 13 - Ayala Center

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