Monday, February 28, 2011

50 20 5

We celebrated the 50-20-5

Last Feb 25th, at the Kuwait Towers
amazing Fireworks display on the
50th Independence Day of Kuwait,
the 20th Anniversary of Liberation
and the 5th Anniversary of the
ascension of the current Amir.

pics credited to Caijie
and videos here - thanks to Mark for the links

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 day ads

i have 4 prints in 5 days, gotta pretty loads
coz we have 4 days-off ahead next week in
celebration of 50yrs independence, 20yrs liberation
after the Gulfwar, 5yrs service of the Amir.

these 3 tasks, came out in newspaper and
Sony mag, and other 1 vaio table-stand,
which i didn't include.

and today, i Photo Booth all of em!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

doodle wall

The Doodle wall
my task is to cover a one sided wall

played strokes on them, surround images mostly came
from shirt firms. saved them as references 2 years ago.
my previous colleagues in Playtech definitely knows it.

area with celebrities and personalities - liked this part!
obama, cloney, paris, will, gaga, icecube, kim, tarantino,
jamesbond, beckham, jolie, sinatra, lennon and bart!

the area of inspiration words thru text styles.

thats it! documentary, and do the killer looks! heh

and sadly sticker was cut at left side by a no brainy guy.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


i only saw the aftermath pics today,
my friends went to Manila, they defined it
"the best concert they've ever been" wow!
and said its better than NIN or Paramore.
obviously, Im jealous. I once Chino's fan.

grabbed from Karen's facebook
regards kos tropa, ni maeng og Minoza bros!

it was front-acted by my race - Urbandub, with Slapshock

Seems more foreign artists invades Philippines this 2011. This month on the lists were my favs Gin Blossoms and Yellowcard. There's Taylor Swift, Super Junior, We The Kings, Never Shout Never and the Maine. Last January concerts includes Janet Jackson, Stephen Bishop and Dan Hill, etc. Upcoming concerts with Good Charlotte, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Maroon5! and of course old school Stone Temple Pilots! - according to songkick site!

Monday, February 7, 2011

SONY ps3

its been a year since i made this stuff.
it was my first task here in KW.

i combined these all game actors as backdraft sticker
that can be found in our Showroom PS3 game section.

i dunno these guys on the picture,
i don't have ps3 either. loser! heheh

Sunday, February 6, 2011


this blogs aim's to have a name "Paok Cebu"
upon searching it on web, Google. heheh way lingaw!
I became Paok during my Bosco days, a guy (Enrique)
shouted on me "Paok ka!" Later found out, means crazy!
And was the Paok then since the year 1991.

on Local buzz:
Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force:
Twice it happens also, a real PAOC dude of Lacson
confronted, asked me of what Division am i belong?
told them - Nope, my name is Paok and not the
ex-Military's (PAOCTF). wahhh! ngiga!

on Web:
The name PAOK is enormous not to
the clubs Melbourne, Canada and NY,
Fiji, Sweden - its everywhere!

Greek keeps adding me on Skype and Multiply,
they thought I'm one of them. But answered several
times "My name is Paok, it happens to be your Team"
and "please talk English not Greek!" hahah

but the highlight! of these name-thingy
is I loved the shirt from Zazzle.
gonna order this online soon

its like my own team and brand! wohohh!

hahah, i have Sports Arena, i have cheerleaders,
wallpapers and more! but the shirt! funny!

Lastly, my name is
Kristofferson "Paok" Paunil
Mr. Paok of Cebu, Philippines

now, PAOK CEBU is on the web!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ad thingy

By march, ill be a year on Ad Agency, and
its way different from being a sole designer.
its like you don't really gave-in the art idea first,
but something a thinkable Ad either. Think.
yep, somewhat the Ads of the World.

motto like 'don't work your own but to create' ways.
Ideas being shared, theres always 'the next'-
(art or creative director), owwffs'! headaches!
But thinking, -- they don't even know which
Ads are effective for Client, Let say,
what if Client WILL like mine, BUT that before
the directors drop-it internally because its
different from their creative thoughts for Client?
Is this because they're the superior? or better? wtf!

But reality its the Fact, think of our Hospital Ad - merit was
shared to all - creative directors, art directors, designers,
retouchers, copywriters, account and media. All were present!
Its about an Agency thingy for sure. A group hug efforts. heh

and talking about Hospital. heres my Ad

Ad tells this Machine which offers a good posture.
And how these images made to defined it.

theres those 'cute monster'
at the backbone who supports!

at Ad Agencies, task is extremely difficult.
Problems, data are often unreliable, budgets,
time and decisions. The best aproach is to embed
throughout an organization, discipline of value creation
and knowledge about the economic value. very char!

for me, the goal is to be noticed by many as possible.
It matters on how the ad stands out and communicate,
and the best is how much people will like it.

Lastly, to be safe on your artwork,
ask for directors pencil sketches
and follow it. heheh