Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ad thingy

By march, ill be a year on Ad Agency, and
its way different from being a sole designer.
its like you don't really gave-in the art idea first,
but something a thinkable Ad either. Think.
yep, somewhat the Ads of the World.

motto like 'don't work your own but to create' ways.
Ideas being shared, theres always 'the next'-
(art or creative director), owwffs'! headaches!
But thinking, -- they don't even know which
Ads are effective for Client, Let say,
what if Client WILL like mine, BUT that before
the directors drop-it internally because its
different from their creative thoughts for Client?
Is this because they're the superior? or better? wtf!

But reality its the Fact, think of our Hospital Ad - merit was
shared to all - creative directors, art directors, designers,
retouchers, copywriters, account and media. All were present!
Its about an Agency thingy for sure. A group hug efforts. heh

and talking about Hospital. heres my Ad

Ad tells this Machine which offers a good posture.
And how these images made to defined it.

theres those 'cute monster'
at the backbone who supports!

at Ad Agencies, task is extremely difficult.
Problems, data are often unreliable, budgets,
time and decisions. The best aproach is to embed
throughout an organization, discipline of value creation
and knowledge about the economic value. very char!

for me, the goal is to be noticed by many as possible.
It matters on how the ad stands out and communicate,
and the best is how much people will like it.

Lastly, to be safe on your artwork,
ask for directors pencil sketches
and follow it. heheh

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