Tuesday, December 23, 2008

iCenter (iClick Art Contest) winner

my winning entry
yeah its pink! heh
my 3rd time this year! wow! got this luck!
what would be my package next year!!? thank YOU!
got a new 500g Time Capsule, alot to load! lol

winners list


iClick Art Contest

It’s no secret Apple products have revolutionized the Cebu Digital Lifestyle.
Here’s your chance to express that with iClick Art Contest.
Show off your creativity in either Photography or Graphic Design
and get a chance to win either a 32GB iPod Touch or a 500GB Time Capsule!

Monday, November 17, 2008

BITE Magazine featured

o yeah!!! that's it! featured last October on
BITE Magazine of this year!!! and yeah!
on the SPOTLIGHT area! lol

http://bitemagazine.com.ph/ then click on SPOTLIGHT

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ARTEDGE Toyota Digital Art Competition

Last September 18, 2008, Toyota awarded the twenty three finalists of the competition at the Makati Shangri-la hotel, to acknowledge the contribution of their talent. First placer, Mr. Gilbert Semillano from Laguna, received P200,000 while second placer Mr. Kristofferson Paunil from Cebu, P150,000, and third placer Mr. Mark Angelo Argarin from Valenzuela, P100,000. The twenty other each finalists took P25,000 home.

myself in fink .. lol ..
with the first placer Mr. Gilbert Semillano
and one of Toyota's bossing.

the rules and guidelines of the competition

Toyota ArtEdge Digital Art Competition
a contest to all Filipino's nationwide

Microsoft Graffiti Expression 2008 competition

i won!!!
mao ni ang event sa CEBU nga akong gi apilan!!!
ang una nakong gi apilan nga contest!!! then na
swertian kay ako may nidaug ani nga event!!!

poster proper


thanks to:
BITE Mags, Microsoft software, Loft,
Levis jeans and Converse shoes -
and to fellow artists ...
to David and NeilQ ...