Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PAOK the group

"a kind of PAOK history"

when the name "PAOK" granted on me during my
high school days in Don Bosco-Cebu, literally means "crazy",
i've searched PAOK in the net - found PAOK as a Club for Greeks
and Melbourne Club in Australia, but locally, only 2 paok's:
the PAOC-TF which founded by Lacson, 2nd was
Jerome 'paok' Reyes my friend, but beyond that
theres no more paok but until last month.

I never thought theres a PAOK name for a group!
whaaaaaaaat!!! in my homeland, CEBU! found them at
Facebook, a group under Church movement for sure.
founded in 2005 - and whats funny is they called
others by PAOKIANS! wow! thats cool for my side! hehe
its like its my group, sounds like! hahah so
i went to there fanpage then pressed "Like".
funny lang! heheh

hahha! with tanduay 65 pajud!

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