Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visual Design Conference 2011

VISUAL on its 2nd time!
I witnessed this last 2009, - cant make it this year.
kudos to you Mayol, for pushing to make it happen, FINALLY!
Im so damn proud of the speakers, those hang-outs we've made,
their wow talents and the efforts behind this. goodluck!

Visual is the biggest digital design conference in the South
made specifically by the designers for the designers.
The conference will feature top local designers/artists
who will cover various graphic design disciplines.
These home grown talents will share their experiences
working for their international clientele and present their
world class works and design processes.

Creativity, experience and knowledge. Visual brings
you 7 of the top local graphic designers of Cebu.

2009 Visual Conference

* to inspire and uplift the confidence of students
who want to pursue a graphic design career
* to highlight the growing demand for a
graphic design course focused in schools
* to elevate reliability and credibility of the
profession as profitable craft
* to endorse local talents
* to improve the status of Philippines as
potential venue fro graphic design education

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