Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Traffic What If

some old design found in my drive - circa 2009

what if Traffic Lights will be same with online messenger!
haha wherein you will wait for "be right back" and "available"
much worst if it will be "offline" or "do not disturb" hahah

"invisible" for sure is a free run, whatever will be! lol


Conversations with Samantha said...

ngilngiga gyud sa akong migo woi!!!! bilib nako nimo!! alta kate :)

kristofferson "paok" paunil said...

bwahahha! niabot pud diay ka diri hah

Conversations with Samantha said...

bwahahaha. .uu - gipa suway ko sa akong mga miga. . luod kaau akong blog. . kay walay sulod!! hahaha oa ra :) go!!

padayona na imong drawing dong!!