Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wholesome Dirty Dancing

update as of May12

Maja won the 1st place (Kislap ng Ofw 2012)
 won the Best casual (Giordano) and Miss Congeniality

nyhahah! Team YaMAHA's efforts paid off!
grats dude! and also grats to Mr. Sonny
for his gown and festival attire went on top5!
to Jersey, ate Aileen and the whole YaMAHA! lol


original post:
need to post this, funny & im glad!
its been 14yrs back since i did the ballroom - 
just recently i came to push it. dancing to Maja -
one of beauty candidate, a Pageant they held here.
please try to wait for the liftings!! nyhah
so we perform as her talent portion in a wholesome way!
we did the onthespot performance w/o even warming up!
so pro! lol thus, i youtube it!  wholesome heh

taken right after the show! im a fan!
*naay pagka Annarki resemblance -
but as per Punyetas! its called infatuation! lol wth Pina!!!


Unknown said...

AHA! Nice dance number dude! \m/

kristofferson "paok" paunil said...

annnarkiiii dudeee!! misyowwww & the punyetasss!