Sunday, February 5, 2012


 my 2009 ages account got a balance of 1099 USD money!

for now, i've been waiting my transfers thru paypal.
it says 2-3 days, its overdue now, yup! im being punked!
either for real or sci-fi - still worth a blog!

UPDATE: the site suffers from system glitch and
investigation being served on these queries!
positive i will have it soon (they wanted to post this)

LATEST UPDATE: again, guaranteed SCAMMERS
here's the link fellow artists -- Phokki


El_Hombre said...

I think Phokki is a big SCAM, we PAok and the other artist waiting for clarification of payment but still we didn't hear any feedback from Phokki.

kristofferson "paok" paunil said...

yeah you're right. its a waste of time, better delete our accounts and spread these scams they built!! time will tell Mr. Hombre, thanks for dropin

El_Hombre said...

Phokki deceives the artist about the commissions! o common! Phokki we are not here just to showcase our talent one of our main goal is to earn money. Artist + creativity = money hope that make sense! I delete my account.

kristofferson "paok" paunil said...

ok, then im in peace now. nobiggie from them!