Sunday, June 26, 2011

tattoo 1.1 - dragonballZ

TODAY! ill be posting TATTOO designs here,
its like adding an Apps to my mini-blog! heheh
tattoos which ill be glad to have it INK in the future. 
its all personal choice. I have these collections
in box way long ago, so better share it.


meet Krystal K, a Trunk(Dragon BallZ) addict,
She had her another leg sleeve scheduled last June,
and promised to have more fighting scenes on it.

 loving the DBZ sleeve, i should have had 
make my tat characters bit bigger like this.
since im loving the cartoons!

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amida10 said...

If you like this tattoo, you should go support glowfly ink the people who did it for her and give them a little bit of lovin