Saturday, March 26, 2011

worst sandstorm

We had experienced the massive Sandstorm
last night on chito's cooper while he's supposed
to drop us to our house but NO way! we had to go back!
cant make it due to its zero visibility and all that surround us
were blind black sand twister winds and blinking hazards.
good thing we dine back to chito's where vodka and pork sisig
is being served. It feels relieved after those inhaled dust we took.

its Jed's head, my kido - were on front-seat.
Look how thick the dust that hits our windshield

-----from twitter link----
look how huge sandstorm that hits Kuwait, it changes its colors huh
blue, grey to dark - trust me, you'll be choke and head ache.
on this link, look how angry sandstorm moves

thanks God, were fine but hey God what happened to our world now?
is it a plague? signs

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