Monday, August 30, 2010

db95 at 15

sept. 11 2010, this saturday is our 15th year reunion!
the bitches who graduated at Don Bosco Technical High School
that year 1995 (hala! oldies na!) and now became DBTC.
but badly, i can't be home to Cebu by this month nor year!
But I'm still that proudy when i organized the last year's
reunion! with me sec bungots and guro ray! extra moneys!
it was really fun doing it. feeling boosy to '95 flocks! heh

2010 bosco shirt design by pierre pobre

at Maria's Bistro on Caloi's hand now!
i dunno much of the news! i wasn't there.. heheh
2009 reunion at The Outpost

st. john bosco

bosco retro shirt by me

o yes! 12k bill for the beers! how come? coors girl is the suspect?
scandal, chin kissing choi! masyada ni kito! og pasiaw ni payang!

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