Thursday, February 25, 2010


my tattoos
inspired by my fav cartoon characters!

first sets of character:
wohhh! ok from top! listen class!
slimer, picachu, bean, hulk, thing
woodpicker, popeye, felix, ken, wonderwoman, ryu,
mutant turtles, splinter, mickey, garfield, tom&jerry
astroboy, logan, greenlantern, cyclops, casper,
southpark,smurf, goku, naruto, ghostfighter

second sets of character:
powerpuff, bart, pink panther, patrick,
incredibles, ben10, naruto, spongebob,
shrek, tweety, beavis&butthead, pucca,
nemo, dora and lastly plankton.
linearts by jp dela rama

the most ouchy part! below armpit!
it took 6 hours just to finish the linearts
the character was cut until soutpark
just thought of it way too much! hehe
made by jordan zoilo

adding colors! it was so risky for the tattooer
since it has lots of color, and we need to
study each illo from the internet.

add-on character on the lowerpart
and last session was the cracky stuff with
blue colors on it!
last session was made by carlo gabiana (crols tattoo)

damn, i need to put some more!!

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